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Theinkyhand.com is Live!

Well, I did it! I made the leap from a little Instagram account to a full-blown blog.  I’m gonna be really honest here and tell you that I’m terrified.  In fact, I’m gonna be really honest here all the time.  I want my fellow lefties to know that calligraphy is hard, and it’s especially hard when you have to learn everything differently.  Just know that I’ll be here for you, and I’m going to try to be as interactive as humanly possible!  I’ll be posting here weekly with tips and tricks for lefty calligraphy and lettering.  If you happened upon this blog through a search, please follow me over on Instagram @theinkyhand.  It’s where I post my day-to-day practice, and it’s chock-full of really kind, helpful people who have struggled, too!



  1. Sarah says:

    This is great! Thanks for sharing your experiences here and on your Instagram account. I am a fellow lefty and my name is Sarah! I now feel like I was meant to discover you! Good luck and I will continue to tune in.

  2. Leslie Camille Callaway says:

    Finally – I found a lefty letterer!! I want to do this so much, but my letters are always a little off or I just don;t like them! Thank you for making this blog!

  3. @blossomingletters says:

    I’m super stoked to see you started a blog! As a newbie to brush lettering (and a lefty!) I know the journey is going to be especially difficult for me, so any tips you share will be very helpful! Looking forward to reading more & I’ll continue stalking you on Instagram as well 🙂 (gosh, hope that didn’t come off as creepy!)

  4. bareINTR says:

    Congrats on making the jump to blogging! I am looking forward to your calligraphy tips for fellow lefties. I feel like finding our ways in this righty world is an on-going and daily challenge. Good luck on this new venture!

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