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     Hi, I’m Sarah, and i’m the left hand behind The Inky Hand!  I’m a Southern California native currently living in Daphne, Alabama.  I’m married to the funniest guy I know, who always succeeds in making me laugh, even if his joke is really terrible (which is most of the time).  We’re weirdo cat-parents to Benny and Iggy, who are really stinkin’ cute and make lots of appearances on Instagram.

     I decided to take up lettering in January 2016 after falling down an Instagram video rabbit hole.  After making about a thousand wobbly lines and fraying my first set of brush pens after about three uses, I got super frustrated and realized that being a lefty was going to make this endeavor much more difficult.  I sought out lefty letterers to follow and watch, and saw that they had to do things much differently than righties.  After lots of experimentation with techniques and tools, I feel ready to share my tips and tricks with all you lefties out there, so no one has to feel as frustrated as I did those first few weeks.  I welcome all questions and, if i have the answer (which will not always be the case, because sometimes being a lefty just plain sucks), I’ll be happy to answer them here!  My goal is to make this blog a mini-community for lefties and righties alike to have discussions and ask questions on a smaller scale than the Instagram comments.  So don’t ever be shy or think you’re asking a “dumb” question.  The lettering and calligraphy community is amazingly helpful and kind!